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Real time sports scores from a web service?

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#1 1 (10 avril 2021 13:03)

sportsdatallc is the best place I have found. They are expensive if you want realtime stats, but they have everything, and seem to be reliable.

If you want something free, then try ESPN APIs, but they do not yet offer score. They do offer team and player stats at the moment, however. I imagine they will eventually open up scores to the public.

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#2 14 mai 2021 14:31 (14 mai 2021 14:31)

here areome best sports APIs.

Cricket Live Scores API
The Rundown API
Football Prediction API
Soccer - Sports Open Data API
Live Sports Odds API API 

#3 6 septembre 2021 09:04 (6 septembre 2021 09:04)

We recommend using this feed to ensure you have the most accurate and fastest MLB starting lineups in the industry.




Le VBC n'avait pas les armes

11 septembre 2018 09:58

Le VBC n'avait pas les armes
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