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What is the difference between "symbol" and "emblem"?

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#1 7 (23 février 2021 07:47)

I was discussing football and I said: 


... also the Benfica 1 image, which gets monochromatic monstrous. 


Furthermore, somebody came to address me: 


No image, seal. The images are Coluna, Eusébio, Bento, Chalana, ... 


From what I explored it appears to be that they are equivalent, however in Priberam he makes no reference to that. WalgreensListen 


Is it regionalism? Is it accurate to say that they are interchangeable or would they say they are extraordinary?

#2 24 mars 2021 10:18 (24 mars 2021 10:18)

The main difference between Symbol and Emblem is that the Symbol is a something that represents an idea, MyPascoConnect a process, or a physical entity and Emblem is a pictorial image that epitomizes a concept or that represents a person.  Personal names are symbols representing individuals. 

#3 9 avril 2021 15:27 (9 avril 2021 15:27)

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#4 14 juillet 2021 12:03 (14 juillet 2021 12:03)


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#5 5 août 2021 08:52 (5 août 2021 08:52)

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